Only a few of you may remember about this but I have posted the temporary display photo of my DA portfolio about a month ago here. It was the kind of work you can produce in 5 mins (Although I think I only did it for probably 30 seconds, the other 4 and a half minutes were spent just finding the right font for it) because it doesn’t involve any conceptualization at all. I just took one photo from my light shots and threw in some text above it. And that’s it.

So anyway, I had the time to tweak it and produce another one and this was the outcome. If you would notice, I kept the same photo but I kind of used it only as an inspiration and worked my way around it. I tried to go for the CMYK feel and vibe but obviously, I failed on that. I can’t help but use a wider color range and palette because well, I love color. I mean, it’s free so why limit yourself to only a few if you can exploit a million shades of it? If I could just use the whole color wheel in every project I work on, I would definitely do that. But sadly, the creative world doesn’t work that way.

I originally wanted to show you guys how I work on a project but I was too lazy to prepare and post WIP photos so I just included a picture of one of the pegs I used for this activity. (check the last photo)

I am now using this design as an overall theme for my online portfolio as well as for both my pdf and DVD portfolio. Hence the header and the CD cover.

P.S. I also hate that Reboard font but I was in a hurry during that moment and I had no time to surf and download a different font from the net, so I just settled with the closest thing I had. I might replace it sometime soon, though. But that is, if I don’t feel lazy, which I happen to be most of the time.

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