"Let the waves up take me down/ Let the hurricane set in motion/ Let the rain of what I feel right now come down." Whenever I hear this song I want to run, swim, float and go outside… Seven years and still it never fails to put me in a trance… #blueoctober #intotheocean #rain #ocean #waves #water #nature #trance #foiled #fave

"Let the waves up take me down/ Let the hurricane set in motion/ Let the rain of what I feel right now come down." Whenever I hear this song I want to run, swim, float and go outside… Seven years and still it never fails to put me in a trance… #blueoctober #intotheocean #rain #ocean #waves #water #nature #trance #foiled #fave

Lights Out, Words Gone - Bombay Bicycle Club

I’m making it official. This is my song for this year.

Halfway Home - Nerina Pallot

This brings back a lot of memories. I could just lie on my bed all night and listen to this song. It’s so comforting I wanna cry.

More photos from this series.

3 weeks ago as I was sorting my computer files, deleting the old ones I don’t need anymore, I accidentally came across these photos in a folder which was apparently hidden inside my photography files. I can’t remember exactly why I hid it, but it was like finding an old jar full of memories from college (as if college was a long time ago).

But anyway, since this discovery was very timely, I took advantage of the opportunity and decided to revive and enhance some of them and get them ready for printing. It was very appropriate because I’m actually planning to pick an empty wall from our new house and fill it with photo frames (like this) to make it seem like, you know, a shrine of some sort specially dedicated to showcase my photography ~skillz~. lulz. I just hope my mom would approve of this idea(-financially).

I wanted all of them to be in black & white initially, but the colors on some photos are just too good to be taken for granted. I’m a sucker for sunset photography, btw.

I hope you like all of them as much as I do because every photo here is filled with memories. 

Good times.

This tune is stuck in my head for the past couple of hours and it has been making me miss the summer. I know it’s winter and all that, but I think I can already feel its warm breeze over my skin.

There’s no such thing as snow right here from where I live, but the air is usually chilly during this season. This day though, however, is an exception. The weather is different—It’s sunny and dry, the sky is yellow and blue, and the orange light brought by the afternoon sun is just wonderful. Everything I see around here is all visually stunning I hope I could take photos for you to see but I couldn’t. I’m sorry.

This song is like an accurate description of how my body often feels like when it’s sunny. It’s so perfect, I love it. Oh god I miss the summer time. I miss it terribly.

Vertigo - Anya Marina

Currently reading.

Currently reading.

Whistle For The Choir - The Fratellis

You know how when a certain love song makes you feel all giddy inside and so joyfully elated?(In short, kilig) I’m not so sure about the term twitterpatted, but I believe that is the direct English translation for this. But nevertheless, Whistle For The Choir defo gives me that "kilig to the bones spirit. It just makes me smile whenever I hear these kinds of music—like all of a sudden you’re under the impression that you’re the most attractive person on this planet…well, Jon Fratelli sure knows how to make a woman feel special. 

For a moment there I felt like I can be as pretty as this girl right here: 

But we all know that’s not going to happen.

Anyhow, this song isn’t in fact my first choice for this post because honestly, if there’s one song that would deliver that absolute kilig mood for me, it would be Justin Beiber’s “One Less Lonely Girl”. But I can’t post it here for obvious embarrassing reasons.

I know, what the actual fuck, right? Sometimes I don’t understand myself either.

But what can I do? I’m just a girl. :p

Only a few of you may remember about this but I have posted the temporary display photo of my DA portfolio about a month ago here. It was the kind of work you can produce in 5 mins (Although I think I only did it for probably 30 seconds, the other 4 and a half minutes were spent just finding the right font for it) because it doesn’t involve any conceptualization at all. I just took one photo from my light shots and threw in some text above it. And that’s it.

So anyway, I had the time to tweak it and produce another one and this was the outcome. If you would notice, I kept the same photo but I kind of used it only as an inspiration and worked my way around it. I tried to go for the CMYK feel and vibe but obviously, I failed on that. I can’t help but use a wider color range and palette because well, I love color. I mean, it’s free so why limit yourself to only a few if you can exploit a million shades of it? If I could just use the whole color wheel in every project I work on, I would definitely do that. But sadly, the creative world doesn’t work that way.

I originally wanted to show you guys how I work on a project but I was too lazy to prepare and post WIP photos so I just included a picture of one of the pegs I used for this activity. (check the last photo)

I am now using this design as an overall theme for my online portfolio as well as for both my pdf and DVD portfolio. Hence the header and the CD cover.

P.S. I also hate that Reboard font but I was in a hurry during that moment and I had no time to surf and download a different font from the net, so I just settled with the closest thing I had. I might replace it sometime soon, though. But that is, if I don’t feel lazy, which I happen to be most of the time.